The Importance of Pre-Football Warm-up

Soccer warm-up drills are the most common in pre-match situations and practice. There is no other type of exercise that a soccer player will spend more time warming up on. Professional teams usually spend about 30 minutes of their training session on a quality warm-up, as this has three main effects on players, effects which we will discuss in the following paragraphs.

-Pre-Football Warm-up – Avoid Injury

Our muscles and tendons can easily cause problems if used to their full potential without a proper set of soccer warm-up exercises. Muscles work on the same principle as elastic cords. Pull gently and the elastic will stretch without a problem, but if you pull it in one quick motion, there is a risk of the rubber breaking. Okay, not only will your muscles be “toned” if you use them intensely without a proper warm-up, but there’s a good chance you’ll end up with a strain or other injury.

That’s why a good part of a soccer warm-up workout includes stretching exercises, which slowly get your muscles used to the effort.

-The Importance of Pre-Football Warm-up – Higher Performance

This isn’t called a warm-up for nothing: when you do this exercise, you’re really warming up your muscles and your entire body, making it ready for effort. By doing warm-up exercises before a soccer game, you set your muscles, heart rate and breathing to the same levels you would use in a match, so you can easily accommodate the variables the match brings.

Try this very simple exercise to test this theory: warm up for 30 minutes thoroughly, using a variety of soccer warm-up exercises that work your whole body, not just your legs. When you’re done, do 5-10 sprints over the width of a soccer field and measure your heart rate and general difficulty for each sprint.

Now come back another day, do some stretching exercises so you don’t get injured and start running (same number of sprints as the day before), without doing a proper warm-up beforehand. You will notice that you will have difficulty breathing during and between sprints, they will be more difficult to perform and eventually, your heart rate will be much higher than yesterday, which means that your body has a harder time adjusting to the rate. tall. from effort.

-The Importance of Warming Up Before a Football Game – Concentration

This is closely related to two other benefits of quality heating. Knowing that you are fully prepared for the match/training session and that there is no risk of injury, you will be much more focused on the game and doing your job properly. The soccer warm-up exercise will also get your body ready for the effort as I described above and this has a positive effect on concentration. When you don’t focus on having to breathe properly or stop to catch your breath, you can, again, concentrate on your work.

This should be reason enough to convince you of the importance of soccer warm-up exercises. If you are a player who wants to give his best on the soccer field, your first concern is to give your best in the warm-up practice before the soccer game.

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